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Chili Paste

Chile Paste
Chile paste is a core ingredient in Texas Chili, however, it can also be used is many other recipes and as a condiment. Just like other homemade condiments, the cook gets to control the ingredients, and hence the health properties of the final product. The amounts of sodium, potassium, and sugar in many chile pastes can be an issue for CKD patients. 
This recipe uses tomato paste rather than tomatoes and has  very little potassium.  Controlled amounts of salt for the sodium levels, and no added sugars. You can add a sweetener if you like, but it isn’t necessary for a very good end product. I have used it in my BBQ sauce recipe as well as chili, rice dishes, and anything that may call for cayenne pepper. 
Chile paste is made from dried chiles, stock or water, and a few aromatics. Dried chiles come in many varieties and by combining the different flavor profiles of each, you can tailor the paste to your liking. 
The primary flavor profiles can be categorized as fruity, smokey, s…

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