Videos, recipes, and nutritional information for CDK patients, including those on Dialysis.

     Cooking for kidneys is the result of my more than 5 years on dialysis fighting ESRD. The highly restrictive diet combined with the limited time available from the professionals charged with assisting patients on the difficult journey led me to venture out and find some answers.

     This website is here as a resource for those that suffer from, and those that serve patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  We provide nutritional information, ingredient options, and delicious recipes to help out with all the different variables for patients.   Although there other options available, few provide video content, and none from a patient/chef.


I found that most of the recipes and information available to ESRD patients are overly generalized. In providing recommendations, the assumption had to be that each patient suffered from every possible cause of renal failure, and that each person had every variable in the danger zone. 

     This restrictive approach doesn't take into consideration the individual patient and their specific needs. The end result was an  overwhelmingly large number of patents just checked out of the nutrition aspect of their care: the one aspect we as patients, have any control over, and a very important part of our treatment. 

     This website is designed to educate patients and caregivers on the specifics of each vitamin and mineral that our kidneys used to control for us. In this way we can increase patient engagement in their own nutrition and keep them interested in the food they eat that will better their health. 

    From there we offer recipes to assist in our food choices, allowing for greater flexibility of the CKD diet.  By opening up some of the food choices, we hope that patients and care givers will pay closer attention to their specific needs and be more diligent with their food options. And by increasing  patient engagement we hope to increase the overall health and quality of life of each patient.

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