My book starts with a outline of kidney disease for both the caregiver and the patient. I then provide recipes and explanations about food that can help you navigate the complex diet for CKD.  

Cooking for your Kidneys Book. 


Learn about cooking with cast iron and why it could help with anemia. 

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From the live cooking show for the Northeast Kidney Foundation. Check out Healthykidneys.org to find a link to the show.

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"Quick tips video section"
Short video clips with unique tips for increasing the flavor of your food while still maintaining a kidney friendly diet for CKD patients, caregivers, and anyone who cooks.

I was honored to have chosen to receive one of the "Patient Innovator" awards this year by the KidneyX organization for my video series, website, and book.

Kidney X is national organization whose goal is to "Accelerate innovation in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of kidney diseases."

They are a public-private partnership consisting of the Heatlh and Huan Services (HHS) department fo the U.S. government and the American Society of Nephrology (ASN). you can learn more about the organization at KidneyX.org.

Thank you KidneyX for recognizing my project and the work you are doing in the field of kidney disease.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), American 

Renal Support Network Podcast

I was invited to speak on the Renal Support Network Podcast about my new book. You can listen to the podcast by clicking the photo above. Renal support network is a great resource for those suffering from CKD.

Pasta with Squash and Carrots in a Cream Sauce
Nutritional data for each recipe is provided. This is the entry for the above dish. Two different charts, one showing the details of each ingredient and the nutrition information it adds to the recipe, and the second provides the protein levels and the amounts of each of the essential amino acids. 

More photos of recipes of recipes from the book.

Mango Salsa

Chicken Tikka with Rice and homemade Pita

 Garum Masala - spice mixture for great added flavor
I have taken my experiences and combined them  to provide the information I wish I had available to me when first diagnosed. 
This is not just a cookbook but a source of information for anyone facing the disease and for those who provide care at any level. 
  •  Full nutritional data for recipes and ingredients
  • A resource to understanding chronic kidney disease
  • Recipes and cooking guidance to assist with diet
  • Food science information to assist with choosing and buying ingredients
  • Color photos and charts


Two recipes that can help with the difficulties of jarred BBQ sauces and chili pastes. And they are Delicious.

Full Video episodes

On set with cameraman Dave shooting one of our videos. 

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Pepper sauce
Pasta with Squash & Carrots